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Kayak Fun


Enjoy a variety of water activities at TGL Adventures! Swim, canoe, fish, paddleboard, and more on the scenic Flint River. Dive into excitement and make a splash in nature's playground. Sunday, September 24, is our last day for Kayak or Tube rentals, and after Tuesday, October 31, TGL Adventures campground will close for the season (Reopen on Monday, April 1, 2024).


Explore the Flint River at your own pace with a single kayak rental available for $40.

Share the adventure with a friend in a tandem kayak, available for $60.

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Drop-Off and Pickup Locations

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service is $20 per trip per person (except Winchester Drop Off which is $30). No shuttle service charge is incurred if renting a kayak or tube from TGL. See the map for drop-off and return locations.

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Drop-Off Points Include:

  1. Winchester Rd (Longest Float but $10 extra or $30 per person when you have your own boat)

  2. Ryland Pike Landing (Short float to TGL Adventures)

  3. TGL Adventures (Primary float to Little Cove/McMullen)


Pickup Points Include:

  1. TGL Adventures or Little Cove Landing/McMullen

  2. Though other entry or return points exist on the Flint River, due to the distance and time for floats, start/drop off points are limited to two locations


Distances/Approximate Times of Floats from:

  1. Long Float – Winchester to TGL Adventures (8 miles and 5-6 hours)

  2. Short Float – Ryland Pike to TGL Adventures (2.5 Miles and approx. One and half hours by Kayak)

  3. Main Float – TGL Adventures to Little Cove/McMullen (5 Miles and approx. 3 and half hours)


  1. Parking on site is $10.00 per carload. All Parking Fees are paid onsite. A manager or employee will issue you a ticket for the day after payment is made. Credit cards may be used, but checks are not accepted.

"The owners are awesome and very friendly people their campgrounds are really nice and the guy driving the shuttle is hilarious great experience all the way around"

Local Guide Allen Johnson

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