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Forest Trail
  • How do I contact someone with TGL Adventures for further information?
    You can call (256) 693-3693.
  • What happens if I need to cancel a reservation and can I get a refund?
    Cancellations are accepted, and a refund is provided if you give us at least 72 hours advance notice.
  • Do you accept credit cards for payment?
    TGL does accept credit cards or cash, but does not accept checks.
  • Where is TGL Adventures located?
    Near Huntsville, Alabama in Brownsboro on the Flint River, about 11 east of downtown Huntsville via I-565/Hwy 72, located at 332 Brownsboro Rd.
  • Does TGL allow pets?
    TGL is pet-friendly. Assuming you control your pets and are willing to sign a liability form releasing TGL of any responsibility for the actions of your pet, you may bring your dog. For multiple animals or cats you need to contact TGL for any concerns or arrangements.
  • Can I reserve a place or kayak, etc online?
    For the moment only Teepees may be reserved online at AIRBNB (links are on the website). However, a call to either of the above telephone lines will allow us to quickly meet your needs and answer questions.
  • Do I pay at the time of the reservation or when I arrive?
    You need to pay at the time of your reservation. However, you are free to come anytime and if we have an opening, rental or service that is not filled by a reservation, you can do so at that time. The only exception is parking. Parking for renters is $10 per carload per day at time of arrival. Parking is not reserved. If you reserve a campsite or teepee, you will not be charged for parking for your family. However, any visiting friends or family must pay the $10 parking per day at arrival.
  • Do the primitive campsites have lighting or outlets?
    The teepees have lighting but the primitive campsites do not have either lighting or outlets.
  • Do campers have availability to toilets and showers?
    Like most camping sites, TGL has outside showers and toilets.
  • Does TGL have any activities for children?
    TGL has a children’s playground and activities may be scheduled from time to time. Check our calendar as needed.
  • Does the campground have outlets for RVs?
    At the current time TGL does not have RV parking, nor is it an RV campground. However, if your RV has the capability for independent service, such as gas generators and/or chemical toilets, you may pay for overnight parking or rent either a primitive campsite or teepee.
  • If I rent a campsite or teepee, does the campground include wifi?
    Yes, we have a local wifi connection via Starlink which is free to customers. However, TGL cannot guarantee service as it depends on the number of users on the link at a given time, and Starlink could have an unexpected interruption of your wifi service. In most cases your signal should be adequate for wifi calling and the internet although, again, the number of users and their needs could impact your service, especially if numerous campers are streaming movies or games, etc, at the same time.
  • What amenities do the teepees include?
    Each teepee has a portable air conditioner, mini-fridge, and a gas grill, decks and space for chairs and goods. They also include some bedding and furniture. All campers have, as noted above, access to wifi.
  • Do the teepees have air conditioning?
    The teepees are well ventilated and have portable air conditioners. The primitive campsites do not, nor do they have electrical outlets.
  • Can friends visit overnight or during the day?
    TGL allows visitors. However, all visitors must pay a $10 daily parking fee. Note also that large groups coming for a gathering such as a party onsite, must be vetted with TGL for approval.
  • Can I be dropped off for a float at a place of my own choosing on the Flint River?
    See details on our website but generally drop off is to a limited set of sites.
  • What happens if I have an emergency onsite or on my float?
    Assuming you have your phone on your float, you should be able to contact us. Depending on your carrier, the service may be spotty on the river. If the emergency is onsite, give us a call if you need assistance. If it is serious, whether onsite or on the river, call 911 for help.
  • If I rent a campsite or teepee, can I use a TGL kayak or tube for free or get free shuttle service for my float?
    The fee for an overnight campsite or teepee does not include free use of TGL rentals or shuttle service.
  • Can I bring my own kayak, canoe or tube and float and TGL then drop me off to a landing on the Flint River?
    Yes. We charge a small shuttle service fee per person of $20 or $30 depending on the landing from which you choose to launch. We will help you launch and will pick you up at the completion of your float. If you rent a kayak or tube from TGL, you will not be charged for shuttle service.
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